First Post: Why I blog?

We live in the craziest and most insane time the earth ever reached; our natural resources are diminishing, our economies are not promising and our souls are getting emptier. The level of violence and types of crimes are getting worse, and on top of that, our politicians are commanding all other aspects of our lives.

While most of us cannot control the causes, I believe that we can control our reactions to the consequences. I always ask myself how can I make my life better? easier? healthier? and most importantly happier?

I was looking for answers in everything around me but I could not find a good one. Surprisingly, the aha moment came when I was crossing around a signage near a construction site for a new research center in my university.

The signage says: What if our search for knowledge changed the world around us?

Usually, asking “What if” type of questions can be used to build different future scenarios about a given situation, so alternative solutions can be planned to give more effective responses.

Inspired by the signage, I tried to answer the question and I found that:


  • Knowledge helps us to understand ourselves, open our minds, accept our differences and create platforms to support each other;
  • Knowledge helps us to create art that stimulates our souls and minds;
  • Knowledge helps us to produce better products and provide better services;
  • Knowledge helps us to create new employment opportunities, improve our economies and end poverty; and
  • Knowledge helps us to create medicine to cure people and end diseases.

In a nutshell, the sign changed how I look at books, studying, research and knowledge. The only thing that we should invest in and dedicate our efforts to find / create/ recreate / spread is knowledge. When we don’t assume that we know the answer, we will be amazed by the amount of information out there.

This blog is dedicated to documenting my journey in connecting the dots, processing the information to create new knowledge and finding answers in the hope that this knowledge, one day, will change the world around me.

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