New Year’s Resolutions

So it is the first day of the New Year and as usual, it is the time for discussing New Year’s resolutions. While there are many articles in this area, I found that this list is one of the best.

Several years ago, I have developed my way for setting this which I call “PDR for Life” and PDR stands for Performance and Development Review.

In November 2008, I joined a company as projects engineer, and for those who know what does the last quarter in companies mean, they know that it is the time for wrapping up, finishing pending tasks and crossing the final checklists before submitting the official results for the annual performance review. As a new employee, I was surprised with the amount of efforts, arguments and stress that everyone was putting to finish writing their annual results or what was known in that company as “PDR” document.

The performance evaluation process in that company was not different from other companies. Usually, performance objectives are set at the beginning of the year as agreed between the employee and his/ her manager. A semi-annual review is conducted by June to reflect/ amend if needed and the final results are submitted in the last quarter for formal evaluation. The objectives should be SMART (Specific Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time- bounded) and developed in a way that supports the overall company’s strategic plan, and allows the employee to challenge him/her self in order not only to achieve but also to exceed them

At that time, we were joking with some colleagues that what if we have a PDR for our life where we put this effort to set objectives related to our families, our health, our community, our spiritual life and our personal financial stability. What if we deal with these personal objectives with the same commitment that we show when it comes to our performance objectives at work where we review continuously, reflect on the results and push our self to exceed them. What if we set personal objectives that are linked to a big vision in our life (just like the company’s vision).

pdr-2-use-thisThey said if you write your goals then there is a big chance that you will achieve them. Since that time, developing similar approach helped me to look at my life in different ways and to accomplish many things. I got 10 certificates other than my undergraduate and master degrees, attended training courses in graphic design, handmade accessories, public speaking and entrepreneurship. I ran marathons,  organized family trips, delivered training as a freelancer, volunteered in public schools, read more books, spent more time in beauty salons and spa and went for Umrah if I would like to list a few.

In a summary: I created more beautiful memories.

If you are still in doubt why you need to have your goals written down, check these amazing five reasons.

My 2017 list is still in process but I am looking forward to a happy and joyful year ahead!

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