49 Ways to Get Inspired

Are you looking for some tips to keep you inspired and improve your life? Here is one of the best lists I have ever read by Robin Sharma!

 49 Ways to Get Inspired

  1. Do work that pushes you to your edges.
  2. Waste zero time on the past.
  3. Focus on being masterful at one thing versus mediocre at many things.
  4. Spend more time around art.
  5. Read biographies of lives greatly lived.
  6. 20X your goals, plans and dreams.
  7. Associate with game-changers, visionaries and titans.
  8. Celebrate how far you’ve come versus the distance still to go.
  9. Cause a little trouble by disrupting the status quo.
  10. Accept the project you fear the most.
  11. Leave an inspirational quote on a stranger’s windshield.
  12. Stop watching the news.
  13. Think a decade ahead rather than a day in advance.
  14. Start a movement.
  15. Wow a customer.
  16. Install a new habit.
  17. Remember that the mother of genius is simplicity.
  18. Know that the thing that is easiest to do is rarely the thing that is best to do.
  19. Speak less and listen better.
  20. Do a dream collage with images of your ideal moments.
  21. Record your ideal day in your journal.
  22. Forgive someone.
  23. Thank someone.
  24. Don’t confuse money with meaning nor income with impact.
  25. Spend the first 20 minutes of your day in exercise (it seriously optimizes brain and personal performance).
  26. Do your “Nightly 3″, writing 3 good things that happened to you during the day that’s ending.
  27. Speak your truth even when your voice shakes.
  28. Join Traffic University and leverage time commuting to learn and grow via audio programs.
  29. Visit a new city.
  30. Discover a new restaurant.
  31. Get good at being alone (you’re the only person you’ll be with your entire life so why not become comfortable in your own skin).
  32. See your work as your craft.
  33. Watch the movie “Searching for Sugar Man”.
  34. Do meetings standing up so they end quicker.
  35. Stop using the words “can’t”, “impossible” and “hate”.
  36. Practice harder (mastery isn’t a natural gift, it’s a daily devotion).
  37. Write handwritten thank you notes.
  38. Publish a book.
  39. Thank a mentor.
  40. Call your parents.
  41. Get out of the office and go invest in your personal development.
  42. Stop complaining.
  43. Use social media to uplift, encourage, teach and share.
  44. Less TV. More reading.
  45. Join a mastermind group.
  46. Spend the first 90 minutes of the next 90 days focused on your single largest opportunity.
  47. Remember that for every one masterpiece, Picasso painted 1000 paintings.
  48. Don’t listen to naysayers.
  49. Live like you mean it.

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