Book Review- Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office- 101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers

Nice-Girls-Dont-Get-the-Corner-Office.jpgIn a world that defines you because of your gender before your mind, climbing the organization structure is not the same as it is expected for your colleagues. Sometimes we blame the system, the community, our families and partners but we forget that we, business women, are playing a big role in this stereotype. Do you groom in public? Are the one that always has something to eat in the office? Do you prefer to postpone your contribution in a meeting until you are 100% sure about your idea? Well, you are not alone. We all do these kinds of mistakes that Dr. Lois P. Frankel illustrated in her book: Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office: 101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers.

In this book, Lois summarized the main mistakes that businesswomen do which might affect how others look at them, how they assess their capabilities and eventually how they are skipped from growth opportunities. Nicely and straight to the point, she illustrated 101 mistakes under 7 areas.

The book was written for females who are targeting the corner offices in their companies, however, I believe that it is a highly recommended book for any fresh- graduate lady before entering the job market.

Here is a summary for the 101 mistakes, and you may want to check the updated list of 133 mistakes in her revised book here.

How you Play the Game

Mistake # 1: Pretending it isn’t a game

Mistake # 2: playing the game safely and within bounds

Mistake # 3: working hard

Mistake # 4: doing the work of others

Mistake # 5: working without a break

Mistake # 6: being naïve

Mistake # 7: pinching company pennies

Mistake # 8: wanting to be given what you want

Mistake # 9: avoiding office politics

Mistake # 10: being the conscience

Mistake # 11: protecting jerks

Mistake # 12: holding your tongue

Mistake # 13: failing to capitalize on relationships

Mistake # 14: not understanding the needs of your constituents

How You Act

Mistake # 15: polling before making a decision

Mistake # 16: needing to be liked

Mistake # 17: not needing to be liked

Mistake # 18: not asking questions for fear of sounding stupid

Mistake # 19: acting like a man

Mistake # 20: telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth (so help you god)

Mistake # 21: sharing too much personal information

Mistake # 22: being overly concerned with offending others

Mistake # 23: denying the importance of money

Mistake # 24: flirting

Mistake # 25: acquiescing to bullies

Mistake # 26: decorating your office like your living room

Mistake # 27: feeding others

Mistake # 28: offering a limp handshake

Mistake # 29: being financially insecure

Mistake # 30: helping. Help without being abused

How You Think

Mistake # 31: making miracles. Do your job realistically

Mistake # 32: taking full responsibility

Mistake # 33: obediently following instructions

Mistake # 34: viewing men in authority as father figures

Mistake # 35: limiting your possibilities.

Mistake # 36: ignoring the Quid Pro Quo

Mistake # 37: skipping meetings

Mistake # 38: putting your work ahead of your personal life

Mistake # 39: letting people waste your time

Mistake # 40: prematurely abandoning your career goals

Mistake # 41: ignoring the importance of network relationships

Mistake # 42: refusing perks

Mistake # 43: making up negative stories

Mistake # 44: striving for perfection

How you Brand and Market Yourself

Mistake # 45: failing to define your brand

Mistake # 46: minimizing your work or position

Mistake # 47: using only your nickname of first name

Mistake # 48: waiting to be noticed

Mistake # 49: refusing high-profile assignments

Mistake # 50: being modest

Mistake # 51: staying in your safety zone

Mistake # 52: giving away your ideas

Mistake # 53: working in stereotypical roles or departments

Mistake # 54: ignoring feedback

Mistake # 55: being invisible

How You Sound

Mistake # 56: couching statements as questions

Mistake # 57: using preambles

Mistake # 58: explaining

Mistake # 59: asking permission

Mistake # 60: apologizing

Mistake # 61: using minimizing words

Mistake # 62: using qualifiers

Mistake # 63: not answering the question

Mistake # 64: talking too fast

Mistake # 65: the inability to speak the language of your business

Mistake # 66: using non-words

Mistake # 67: using touchy- feely language

Mistake # 68: the sandwich

Mistake # 69: speaking softly

Mistake # 70: speaking at a higher- than natural pitch

Mistake # 71: trailing voice mails

Mistake # 72: failing to pause or reflect before responding

How You Look

Mistake # 73: smiling inappropriately

Mistake # 74: taking up too little space

Mistake # 75: using gestures inconsistent with your message

Mistake # 76: being over or under animated

Mistake # 77: tilting your head

Mistake # 78: wearing inappropriate make up

Mistake # 79: wearing the wrong hair style

Mistake # 80: dressing inappropriately

Mistake # 81: sitting on your foot

Mistake # 82: grooming in public

Mistake # 83: sitting in meetings with your hands under the table

Mistake # 84: wearing or reading glass around your neck

Mistake # 85: accessorize too much

Mistake # 86: failing to maintain eye contact

How You Respond

Mistake # 87: internalizing messages

Mistake # 88: believing others know more than you

Mistake # 89: taking notes, getting coffee and making copies

Mistake # 90: tolerating inappropriate behavior

Mistake # 91: exhibiting too much patience

Mistake # 92: accepting dead-end assignments

Mistake # 93: putting the needs of others before your own

Mistake # 94: denying your power

Mistake # 95: allowing yourself to be the scapegoat

Mistake # 96: accepting the fait accompli

Mistake #97: permitting others’ mistakes to inconvenience you

Mistake # 98: being the last to speak

Mistake # 99: playing the gender card

Mistake # 100: tolerating sexual harassment

Mistake # 101: crying

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