A Tiny Nudge

Ain’t it funny how we can’t find one common way to define concepts like faith, hope, love, dreams, serenity and contentment, yet, we all agree that the journey to chase them is filled with doubts and struggle.

A nice explanation by my favorite writer, Brendon Burchard, on why we should be grateful anyway, especially when we feel we are about to freak out.

Your dreams will burn you, crush you, cause you extreme uncertainty and struggle, tear you down to your essence and make you ask who you are and why you exist and how much you truly want it. This is such a gift for only in seeking that dream shall we learn, stretch ourselves, realize ourselves, transcend. Thank you, God, for the seemingly impossible dreams you sowed into my soul that make me humble, hungry, more empathetic to those who fight for something that matters, forced to grow and rise and serve with faith and dream some more. Brendon Burchard


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