Hello Spring

Have you ever tried to face your inner insecurities and resistance to change? Stretch your mind to accept the hectic time and capitalize on it? A long process but definitely a rewarding one.

During Spring, always remember that if a tree can change its color from yellow to green, if the small caterpillar can turn into a butterfly, you too believe that you can turn your rough time into a power.

A nice quote by a talented writer I follow on Facebook; Victoria Erickson:

“I can tell you some things I know about Spring. That isn’t about bursting. It’s about renewal. It’s about relearning. And it’s about becoming. And you know what? It’s also about discomfort. It burns to become. But you can’t avoid it. Step into it. Own it. You can’t escape from what your heart actually aches for no matter how hard you might try. The brain hardly ever wins. The core dose” Victoria Erickson.

May the miracles of Spring shine your choices to pass through the period of uncertainties until the storm calm down so you can live in serenity.

I always remind myself of this quote

 “God put you here for a very specific purpose. Keep going with a strong heart and open mind”

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