Publishing my First Research

Alhamdolellah I am happy to announce that my first research is now published in the TQM journal.

Our research aimed at bringing a new perspective for the business excellence area where we developed a new business concept, BEVUCA (pronounced as BE-VU-CA) to examine how companies can achieve Business Excellence in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous Environment.

The online version is available for limited download at

I will be sharing more about this new perspective in a series of articles here and on my blog later on, and I already shared my lessons learned during this journey with Emerald Publishing Group here.

Please find the abstract here:


I am thankful for the biggest advocate who made this success happened, my supervisor Richard Watson, for the endless support and resources that I had from the University of Warwick and the reviewers in the TQM journal for their valuable comments.

We hope that our research and the new business concept, BEVUCA, will provide a link between VUCA, business excellence, quality management and risk management and hence advancing the discussion in these areas.

Your comments and feedback are highly welcomed and appreciated.

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