Book Review- Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything

EPL10thAnniversary_Cover.jpgI was wondering about how much courage anyone could have to be able to share his/ her personal story. Elizabeth Gilbert, in her book Eat Pray Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything, told us her story in a very inspirational way. The search for a true meaning in life was always an interesting topic for me. Personally, I am obsessed with the idea of going across the world to find the answers. I did a similar experience, somehow, when I decided to take one year break to do my masters’ degree abroad.

Sometimes, a short answer is the answer for your big question in life. Here is one of the best conversations in the book: “so what can we do about the craziness of the world? Nothing. Ketut laughed, but with a dose of kindness. This is nature of the world. This is destiny. Worry about your craziness only- make you in peace”.

The book is as good as much the movie. I believe that this book is one of the few books that wouldn’t replace the movie that was built based on it nor the movie would replace the book.

It’s not the kind of the book that you can read again and again. The language used in the book, by itself, was not inspirational, but I was amazed by the story as a whole.


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