Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zone is defined as “a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress”. Fundamentally, the comfort zone isn’t wrong. All creatures seek a place of natural settlement. The problem is when we become a prisoner of that zone, we block opportunities to grow, chances to be healthier, reasons to get richer and most importantly, roads to be happier.

Stepping outside your comfort zones is an essential element for personal growth. By taking calculated risks, always looking for new different things to do and by committing ourselves to work on challenging tasks, our comfort zones can be stretched.

Why is that important? Robin Sharma in his book, The Leader Who Had No Title, said “the more time you spend outside of your comfort zone, the wider it grows. And that means the more you stretch, the more things that once scared you now feel normal”.

 At the end, we can’t live outside our comfort zone forever. We will come back but a more resilient state of mind.

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