Book Review- Life Without Limits

There is no doubt that Nick has a very unique and inspirational story. In fact, it is by far the most inspirational story I’ve heard. Unfortunately, that spirit was not coming from this book but rather from the different movies and TV interviews that I watched about him.

9780307589736Having said that, this book, Life Without Limits, still has many great motivational parts. Personally, I want to have the below quotes from the book as rules in my life:

  • “What would your life be if anything were possible?”
  • “No matter what, it’s up to you to get over it, get up and show up.”
  • “There are many bad experiences I have been spared”.
  • “You can control your response by turning to more positive thoughts and actions that lift your spirits”.
  • “Sometimes our trust is tested before our hard work pays off”.

I recommend looking for other references, books or movies to really get inspired by this great man.

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