Growing Yourself Enables You to Grow Others: The Law of Contribution

Do you see the world in terms of how much you could make from it or how many people you could help? Johan C. Maxwell in his book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, believes that personal growth is linked to adding value to others, sharing expertise and lessons learned and contribute to others’ growth journey.  Accordingly, Maxwell provided a simple mind trick to keep us motivated to do so when he said: “think of yourself as a river instead of a reservoir”.

This discussion falls under the law number 15 in the book; The Law of Contribution. The law will be summarized in this post and the rest of the laws were previously addressed as per the following:

  1. The Law of Intentionality;
  2. The Law of Awareness;
  3. The Law of Mirror;
  4. The Law of Reflection;
  5. The Law of Consistency;
  6. The Law of Environment;
  7. The law of Design;
  8. The law of Pain;
  9. The law of Ladder
  10. The law of Rubber Band;
  11. The law of trade-offs;
  12. The law of curiosity;
  13. The law of modeling;
  14. The law of expansion.

Cultivating an Attitude of Contribution

Adapting “giving” mentality is a contributor to our personal growth, therefore, Maxwell suggested seven tips to help us to develop and maintain this attitude of contribution as per the following.

  1. Be grateful: “There is no success without sacrifice. If we succeed without sacrifice, then it is because someone who went before us made the sacrifice. If you sacrifice and don’t see success, then someone who follows will reap success from your sacrifice”.
  2. Put people first: “The measure of success is not the number of people who serve you, but the number of people you serve”.
  3. Don’t let stuff own you: “Do you own your stuff or does your stuff own you?”
  4. Don’t let people own you: “It’s hard to give yourself away when someone else owns you”.
  5. Define success as sowing, not reaping: “After sowing there is a period of time when it looks like nothing is happening. All the growth is below the surface” —Nabi Saleh
  6. Focus on self-development, not self- fulfillment: “Self-fulfillment thinks of how something serves me. Self-development thinks of how something helps me to serve others. With self-fulfillment, feeling good is the product. With self-development, feeling good is the by-product”Fred Smith
  7. Keep growing to keep giving: “If you want to keep giving, you have to keep growing”.

Final Thought

“No individual has any right to come into the world and go out of it without leaving behind him distinct and legitimate reasons for having passed through it”—George Washington Carver.

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