Book Review- Always Eat Left Handed: 15 Surprising Secrets for Killing It at Work and in Real Life

Fed up with the traditional wisdom quotes and advise that we hear everywhere like “never give up”, “take risks”, “make mistakes”, or “do what you love”? Despite how much these tips are real, they became too consumed. This book, Always Eat Left Handed: 15 Surprising Secrets for Killing It at Work and in Real Life by Rohit Bhargava gives a new set of secrets on how to improve four aspects of our lives; how to think better, work better, communicate better, and connect better.

always eat lef handedYou may not agree with all of the points in the book nor you will not find a lot of pieces of evidence to back them up, but the book is a very good one for a quick read while commuting or as a break between reading difficult topics.

Here is a summary of these secrets:

Part 1: Think Better

  • Be forgettable: find your resilience
  • Start smoking: control your destiny
  • Reinvent your playlist: overspend on your self
  • Learn to yodel: acquire useless knowledge

Part 2: Work Better

  • Ignore your job: do what they don’t ask for
  • Never surf burnet toast: have integrity when no one is looking
  • Be a cross-dresser: learn empathy by walking into someone’s shoes
  • Procrastinate more: be in tile instead of on time

Part 3: Communicate Better

  • Make other cry: tell better stories
  • Interrupt often: be an active listener
  • Never eat cauliflower: have a point of view
  • Write on wall with a sharpie: simplify everything

Part 4: Connect Better

  • Leave your toys out: be a connector to build your network
  • Rip your jeans: invite more serendipity by sharing your personality
  • Help people steal: share the credit


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