Book Review- Rework

Creating a successful a startup business is not a rocket science, yet, it is also not the “plug and play” type of project. This book, Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, provides a balanced argument about the fact that “it’s time to rework work”.

ReworkOne of the great ideas that the book discussed, which I personally started to believe in, is the importance of skipping the long-term planning. Within all the chaos that we live in our highly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world, it is difficult to manage by rigid mission statement and objectives.  That issue is even more challenging for startup businesses.

The book addressed great tips for new starters, as he preferred to use this new name instead of “entrepreneurs” such as:

  • Avoid being workaholic; it is the shortest way to kill creativity and passion; sleep, sleep, sleep
  • While entering the entrepreneurship world, don’t aim for creating “me too” product; be unique.
  • If you want to create something, create the one that you need and you, personally, would like to use; you are the expert in knowing how to scratch your itch.
  • While creating your product/ project, keep remembering why are you doing this? Keep your eye on your passion.
  • Start as Lean as you can; avoid the mass of people and inventory so you can pivot quickly when needed.
  • While creating your product/ project, focus on the big picture and worry about the details later.
  • Don’t postpone decisions; they are the tool to get progress.
  • To better respond to competition, try to de-commoditize your product/ service. Always make “you” part of your output so no one can imitate you easily.
  • Don’t hire someone unless you do that job by yourself first.
  • Commit yourself to continuous evaluation.

Maybe all of the above tips are usually addressed in different books and blogs, but the only new, useful, and very smart tip that I read in this book was “selling your by-product”.

A very interesting book and one of the most recommended books for any entrepreneur.

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