Book Review- Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days

I loved THE $100 Startup Book and now I loved Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau even more.

33585396Everyone should have a side hustle so everyone should read this book. I highly recommend it because the advices are easy to grasp. Personally, I enjoyed listening to the audiobook while I drove to work. It made me think about the time and the effort that we lose everyday while complaining/ worrying/ fearing the future which we could save and use in a side hustle.

Although some could argue that the book provides a one-size-fits all approach, I still believe that dedication and hard work are built- in each step, which makes the success of your side hustle a function of your energy.

The 27 days are divided into 5 weeks as per the following:

Week 1: Build an arsenal of ideas

  1. Day 1: Predict the future
  2. Day 2: learn how money grows on trees
  3. Day 3: brainstorm, borrow, or steel ideas
  4. Day 4: weigh the obstacles and opportunities of each idea
  5. Day 5: forecast your profit on the back of a napkin

Week 2: Select your best idea

  1. Day 6: Use the side hustle selector to compare ideas
  2. Day 7: Become a detective
  3. Day 8: Have imaginary coffee with your ideal customer
  4. Day 9: Transform your idea into an offer
  5. Day 10: Create your origins story

Week 3: Prepare for liftoff

  1. Day 11: Assemble the nuts and bolts
  2. Day 12: Decide how to price your offer
  3. Day 13: Create a side hustle shopping list
  4. Day 14: Set up a way to get paid
  5. Day 15: Design your first workflow
  6. Day 16: Spend 10 percent more time on the most important tasks

Week 4: Lunch your idea to the right people

  1. Day 17: publish your offer
  2. Day 18: Sell like a girl scout
  3. Day 19: Ask ten people for help
  4. Day 20: Test, test, test, and test again
  5. Day 21: burn down the furniture store
  6. Day 22: Frame your first Dollar

Week 5: Regroup and refine

  1. Day 23: Track your progress and decide on next steps
  2. Day 24: Grow what works, let go of what doesn’t
  3. Day 25: Look for money lying under a rock
  4. Day 26: Get it out of your head
  5. Day 27: Back to the future

A very interesting book and highly recommended for everyone.

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