Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

11 days late but I guess better late than never!

How should I start a wrap up for one of the toughest time in my life? Most probably I will start by the conclusion that I had when I wrote my full-year reflection during my last birthday in November.

I will start by saying for the first time: Thank God! Thank God for the difficult time, Thank God for all the struggles, doubts, and concerns. Thank God for showing me what dose “Being Strong is the Only Option” mean. Thank God for giving me all the blessings that made my hard time bearable or at least could be survived. Thank God for my family, for the remaining good friends that I found during that time, for the virtual friends who accompanied the journey as well. Thank God for showing me what a family can do when no one else can. Thank God for everything.

I am a different person now. I am not sure if this version of me is better than the previous one, but I am constantly working on making the best out of me. Thank god for another year and for the endless chances to start over again.

2018 carried so much ups and downs. With a detailed plan, I am starting this new year with higher hopes and bigger goals to get me closer to the story that I would love to tell about myself.

This quote exactly matches my current state of mind:

“I started calling that girl back. The girl who loved living, the girl who danced instead of walking. The girl who had sunflowers for eyes and fireworks in her soul. I started playing music again, hoping she would come out. I started looking for beautiful moments to experience so she would feel safe enough to show herself, because I knew she was in there. And she needed my kindness and my effort to come to the surface again”. Samantha C. Lourie

Finger crossed for a brighter year ahead Inshallah 🙂


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