Whatever Situation You’re In, God Put You there for a Reason, for a Lesson, and for a Purpose

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade!

As much this sounds simple, as much it’s true. When all the success stories look similar, maybe it’s a sign to believe that this is the reality; the light should come again no matter how much your tunnel looks dark.

This is my personal experience, this is everyone’s experience across the globe, this is a universal law.

When it gets hard and you think that this is the maximum that you can handle, rest assure that God is holding a brighter future for you. I know that listening to this while you are in the middle is tough. The middle is always a mess, but when it’s done, you will be amazed by how much blessings God has granted you.

It was not planned at all to be a show case, to act like a success story, or to sound like as a role model! I am currently not. Yet, I believe that I can be one more person to tell you that things are getting better Inshallah…that nothing lasts forever, the good days and the bad days, this is a universal law.. a universal law!

Do your best, keep pushing yourself, and never lose faith that God’s time is the perfect time.

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