Book Review- The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

We all aim at creating an extraordinary success; yet, very few of us are approaching this goal with a different mindset. I have read many self-development books that tackled this idea, but this book, The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone is one of the simplest concepts I have ever read.

10339170The author introduced the idea of the 10X Rule; i.e. You must set targets that are 10 times what you think you want and then do 10 times what you think it will take to accomplish those targets”.

Simply, successful people do not limit themselves to making excuses; they take massive actions, 10X, to achieve their goals. As the author said, success is not something that happens to you; it’s something that happens because of you and because of the actions you take”. Moreover, successful people continue doing theses massive actions until they became habits.

Grant suggested few ways and mindsets that we can use in order to be successful:

  • Have a “Can Do” Attitude
  • Believe That “I Will Figure It Out”
  • Focus on Opportunity
  • Love Challenges
  • Seek to Solve Problems
  • Persist until Successful
  • Take Risks
  • Be Unreasonable
  • Be Unreasonable
  • Create Wealth
  • Readily Take Action
  • Always Say “Yes”
  • Habitually Commit
  • Go All the Way
  • Focus on “Now”
  • Demonstrate Courage
  • Embrace Change
  • Determine and Take the Right Approach
  • Break Traditional Ideas
  • Be Goal-Oriented
  • Be on a Mission
  • Have a High Level of Motivation
  • Be Interested in Results
  • Have Big Goals and Dreams
  • Create Your Own Reality
  • Commit First—Figure Out Later
  • Be Highly Ethical
  • Be Interested in the Group
  • Be Dedicated to Continuous Learning
  • Be Uncomfortable
  • “Reach Up” in Relationships
  • Be Disciplined

The path of 10X includes the below steps:

  1. Start by making your initial list of goals, then a list of actions that will propel you in that direction. Then—without overthinking it—start taking those actions
  2. Do not reduce your goals as you write them.
  3. Do not get lost in the details of how to accomplish them at this point.
  4. Ask yourself, “What actions can I take today to move me toward these goals?”
  5. Take whatever actions you come up with—regardless of what they are or how you feel.
  6. Do not prematurely value the outcome of your actions.
  7. Go back each day and review the list.

My best takeaways from the book are:

  • “Never reduce a target. Instead, increase the action”
  • “Average Is a failing formula ”
  • “Fear is actually a sign that you are doing what’s needed to move in the right direction.”
  • “Obsession isn’t a Disease; it’s a Gift: and until you become completely obsessed with your mission, no one will take you seriously.”
  • “Apple [Company] doesn’t compete; it dominates, it sets the pace”
  • “I literally began to see success as an ethical issue—a duty to my family, company, and future—rather than as something that may or may not happen to me. I spent 17 years getting a formal education that was to prepare me for the world—and not one course was on success. Not once did anyone talk to me about the importance of success, much less what I had to do in order to get it. Amazing! Years of education, information, hundreds of books, time in class, and money, yet I was still missing a purpose”.
  • “If you don’t go to work every day—and do everything within your power to succeed—then you are stealing from your family, future, and the company for which you work. You have made agreements—either implied or spoken—with your spouse, family, colleagues, managers, and clients.
  • “It doesn’t matter what you do—it does matter that your goal be to dominate your sector with actions, that are immediate, consistent, and persistent and at levels that no one else is willing to operate at or duplicate. Take any action, and take it to a level that will separate you and your company from everyone else who might be in your space. Be willing to spend every last bit of energy, effort, and creativity on distinguishing yourself as the only player there. Learn how to dominate by being first in the minds of your market, your clients, and even your competitors. Market conditions will not improve until you improve the way you think and approach the market. Even if you are in a weak market, you suffer less when you dominate it. Weak markets actually create opportunities because the players in those markets typically have become dependent and weak because they do not know how to operate in a more challenging environment. Do not feel sorry for them; dominate them. They are not having bad luck; their average think and actions are simply failing them. The marketplace is brutal and will punish anyone and everyone who does not take the right amounts of action. Now is the time to shift into making your every thought and action aimed at dominating your sector, market, competition—and the every thought of your potential clients. Quit thinking about competing. Despite what everyone says, it is not healthy. It’s for sissies.”

I highly recommend this book to get a quick boost to your energy.

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