Publishing my First Research

Alhamdolellah I am happy to announce that my first research is now published in the TQM journal. Our research aimed at bringing a new perspective for the business excellence area where we developed a new business concept, BEVUCA (pronounced as BE-VU-CA) to examine how companies can achieve Business Excellence in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and … Continue reading Publishing my First Research


The Integration between Quality Management and Risk Management Systems

After discussing the basic definition of the term 'Integrated Management System' and its benefits here, in this article, I will discuss the integration between quality management and risk management systems. In specific, I will examine the rationales behind this integration. Quality Management: More than an ISO 9000 Standard The quality management knowledge area was founded … Continue reading The Integration between Quality Management and Risk Management Systems

Integrated Management Systems

Companies need management systems to link strategies to operations. A management system starts by defining a strategy followed by translating it into specific objectives that are accomplished via certain resources. During the execution, the management will monitor and control the performance and then periodically assess the adequacy of that strategy and act accordingly (Norton & … Continue reading Integrated Management Systems